Cartier Carat 系列


Carat, the new fragrance from Cartier, bottles the seven colors of a prism that converge into a single pure scent, akin to a diamond.


Capturing the light, the diamond bottle inspired by Art Deco diffracts the colors of a prism and mirrors their reflections in its glass square-cut facets.


"I wanted to create a fragrance that shimmers with all the fire of a diamond. It occurred to me to apply the principle of diffraction to the fragrance:  dispersed light appears as flashes of rainbow colors in a diamond. And so, I chose seven beautiful fresh flowers that come together to form a new flower, abstract but alive, like the light of the diamond."


卡地亞全新 Carat 香水系列將彩虹七色匯聚於純淨的白花香氣之中,宛如鑽石般晶瑩剔透,令人心醉。