Jewellery shining service

Your jewellery creation has lost its lustre and has scratches on the surface: to restore its finish, we recommend you try our shine service.

The Shining Service revives a piece of Cartier jewellery.

Carried out in our boutiques by an expert from the Maison, this service includes the following operations: diagnosis, buffing, immersion in an ultrasonic tank, and a technical and aesthetic inspection performed in accordance with Cartier quality criteria.

This service is not available for rhodium-finish jewellery.


Rapid Shining Service: Complimentary


Our Cartier Jewellers take time to examine your creation, so as to identify the work to be carried out.


Shining involves giving your jewellery creation its shine back and eradicating superficial scratches.


Your jewellery creation is cleaned by immersing it in an ultrasonic tank containing warm soapy water.

Other performed steps
The Jeweller carries out a final inspection to make sure that your creation meets with Cartier’s high standards.