Jewellery engraving service

This service allows you to personalise a creation by having a name, date, message or design engraved on it.

The Engraving Service enables you to personalise your Cartier creation by engraving (subject to technical constraints and the space available) either a name, phrase or date (in a range of different languages), or a symbol or design on your creation.

The simple engraving is a complimentary service offered upon presentation of the Cartier certificate of authenticity.


An estimate will be provided for complex engravings (drawings, etc.).


Our Cartier Jewellers take time to examine your creation, so as to identify the work to be carried out.


Engraving involves adding a permanent message or design. Any type of inscription is possible, but will depend on the space available on your jewellery.


Your jewellery creation is cleaned by immersing it in an ultrasonic tank containing warm soapy water.

Other performed steps
Our Jewellers carry out a final inspection to make sure that your creation meets with Cartier’s high standards.