Panthère de Cartier

A quintessential jewellery watch: magnetic, wild, feline and free.



A watch that doubles as a piece of jewellery, Panthère de Cartier is one of the most distinctive Cartier designs. With the Panthère watch, Cartier aspires for clean lines, without losing sight of the softness that makes this timepiece a quintessential jewellery watch. The watch takes its name from the bracelet. Ultra-flexible, it mirrors the movements of the Maison’s emblematic animal.



When it was launched in 1983, the Panthère watch introduced the concept of a jewellery watch, playing an integral role within the history of the Maison's watchmaking as one of the most popular and emblematic pieces of the late 20th century. Embraced by the fun-loving 80s, proving particularly popular with the art scene, it is an emblem of a bold era that feels ever-relevant today. 


The Panthère watch is, above all, a piece of art. Redesigned in 2017, it reflects liberated, joyful and triumphant femininity. The collection features over 25 models, including double and triple loop variations, as well diamond-paved pieces. They serve as a dazzling homage to the 1980’s and a tribute to the unrivaled attitude of the panther and the women who wear it.