Cartier infuses contemporary Parisian chic into its new home

During the temporary closure of Cartier’s main Pacific Place boutique, a French-styled pop-up and temporary boutique will offer a tantalising glimpse into the maison’s new image.

From July 3, a pop-up kiosk close to Cartier’s main boutique is providing a lively drawcard while also directing customers to the temporary boutique located on the other side of the third floor.

Decorated in the guise of a Parisian newsstand, complete with pushbike, street lamps and bistro furniture, the pop-up offers a romantic backdrop for instagrammable photo ops.

Meanwhile, the temporary boutique invites clients on a journey of exploration. Its lush garden entrance leads into an interior that conjures the feel of a contemporary Parisian lifestyle with abundant curves and colourful accents throughout the different areas of living room, lounge and VIP room.

Come and escape into a beautiful universe created with the savoir faire that is unique to Cartier – a foretaste of the delights that will unfold when the main boutique reopens in September.