Ginza Services

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Stay connected with complimentary Wi-Fi offered throughout the Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion. Please connect to 'CARTIER GUEST WI-FI' upon arrival.

Set for You

In the grandest jewellery-making tradition, Cartier offers you the opportunity to create a unique diamond solitaire. A Cartier diamond expert will assist you in selecting your desired setting and the diamond that will illuminate it. You deserve a customised and personal service to honour an exceptional event. Exclusively yours, distinctly Cartier.

Service Salon

The Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion houses a Salon with jewellers and watchmakers on site to ensure your Cartier treasures will stand the test of time. Services available include changing watch straps and bands, embossing of leather goods, and custom engravings, along with quick pick-up and drop-off. Enjoy complimentary beverages and unwind in our elegant lounge during your visit.

Appointments can be made online or in person.